My name is Jonas

Hi, I'm Jonas.

I'm automation engineer with Counsyl. Until recently I was graduate student in Hod Lipson's Creative Machines Lab at Cornell University where I worked on modular robotics and programmable matter.

Previously, I was co-founder of Ignite Ithaca, lead programmer for Cardsender, marketing and i18n intern for Nestoria, manufacturing maintenance intern at a Corus steel factory, chief projectionist in a cinema, and teaching assistant in a prison.

Besides my work, I am interested in 3D printing, mass customization, geography. Some of my recent pet projects include and The Society for Printable Geography.

Before moving to the new world, I completed an M.Eng. (my undergrad degree) at Imperial College London. Even further in the past, I was born and raised in the country famous for no speed limits and no humor.

§1 Projects

§1.1 Robotics

Modular Self-Assembly

Modular Robotics

Reverse Engineering a 20-year old Robot Arm


§1.2 Digital Manufacturing

3D Printing Pricecheck

Society for Printable Geography


§1.3 Community Service

Ignite Ithaca

Prison Teaching

Imperial College Fairtrade Society

Imperial College Cinema

§1.4 Mobile

Calculators for webOS

Bundesliga Apps

Worldcup Live Ticker

Country Quiz

§1.5 Web Development


Facebook Apps

§2 Photos

© Jonas Neubert

Credits: Polaroid style gallery inspired by Photos taken by E. Neubert, C. Scheitz, L. Neubert, and an event photographer at the Great BUPA Run whose name I don't know.