Jonas Neubert

… works with bits and atoms

My name is Jonas

Jonas on a couch

Hi, I'm Jonas.

I am automation engineer and software developer. Put differently: I like bits and atoms equally. I enjoy working on multi-disciplinary projects that are more complex than complicated.

Previously, I helped build some of the world's most advanced laboratory automation at Counsyl and Zymergen and was graduate student in Hod Lipson's Creative Machines Lab at Cornell University where I worked on modular robotics and programmable matter. I have also been involved in Ignite Ithaca, a postcards thing, a property search engine, a steel factory, a cinema, and a prison teaching program.

Before moving to the New World, I completed an M.Eng. (my undergrad degree) at Imperial College London and was born and raised in the country famous for no speed limits and no humor.

Elsewhere online:
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