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Extreme Bikesharing: Salt Lake City edition

Presented at SLC Python Meetup on November 2nd, 2022.

This is an updated version of the “Extreme Bikesharing” talk I presented in 2020 at the SF Python Meetup and a few other events. The updates include having a second example, my recent ride visiting all the stations in Salt Lake’s GreenBike bike-share system, and references to bike-share specific Python libraries that I wasn’t aware of in 2020.


How do you get the most bike for the buck out of a $10 day-pass for the Bay Wheels (formerly “Ford GoBike”) bike share system? This talk is about how I used constraint programming, mapping and routing APIs, public bike share datasets, map visualization libraries, and a whole lot of Python to plan an epic 13-hour-long 121-leg bike ride around the East Bay.


To be posted once available.


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Python packages used during the presentation: