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… works with bits and atoms

Zebras and Lasers

Presented at PyBay 2018, Aug 2018, San Francisco, CA



Python libraries mentioned in the talk

Barcode Generators:

Barcode Decoders

DNA barcodes:


  • Roger C. Palmer: The Bar Code Book: A Comprehensive Guide To Reading, Printing, Specifying, Evaluating, And Using Bar Code and Other Machine-Readable Symbols, 5th ed., Trafford Pub. 2007
  • John Berry: The Secret Life of Bar Codes, Wirksworth Books, 2013
  • Gavin Weightman: Eureka: How Invention Happens, Yale University Press, 2017. Excerpt available at

I didn’t read the following but came across references to them during my research for this presentation:

  • Ben Nelson: Punched Cards to Barcodes: A 200 Year Journey with Descriptions of over 260 Cods, Helmers Publishing, 1997.
  • Stephen A. Brown: Revolution at the Checkout Counter: The Explosion of the Bar Code, Wertheim Publications in Industrial Relations, 1997.
  • Bill Selmeier: Spreading the Barcode,, 2010.
  • George J. Laurer: Engineering Was Fun, 3rd ed.,, 2012.

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